Friday, April 17, 2009

No More Skulls, Marc!

Marc Ecko, if this is just a sample of what you got, you need to lay off the skull designs. Stop following Ed Hardy and the MMA look and do your own thing. Get back to your Hip Hop roots but even look beyond it if you wanna save your company. I bet this sale will be magically extended.


  1. I with you on that !
    Echo use to be an ill brand back when he first started you would get a free mixtape called underground airplay with every tee you bought(i still have a few of the mixtapes).the designs back then where dope and very original now i wouldnt wear echo if you pay'd me! too much on the shirt going on that makes you feel like a walking billboard...

  2. I think that's what happens when you sell out originality for profit. i cant blame him though ill take six figures over street cred any day. i never liked ed hardy or mark echo, I'm just hating cause my stuff never took off.