Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blip.FM Versus Last.FM

Lately I've been really getting into BLIP.FM. It's almost like Twitter with music. You start by picking your favorite music artists and BLIP.FM suggests user/DJs on the site (like you) that you can follow... meaning you can listen to the commented songs they like (Blips) they post right on your own page like Twitter. And the Blips run through like a jukebox so it is a constant flow of music. Constant if you got users posting a lot.

LAST.FM is a similar site without the Twitter like element. You pick your favorite music artists and are making kind of a radio station of similar music for yourself. And you can comment on tracks and befriend other users and see what they listen to.

I'll admit I haven't explored LAST.FM as much as BLIP.FM but both sites give great music and that's what counts. They both have their good and bad. I like the social activity & searching of songs on BLIP.FM. LAST.FM will play all the music you like. With BLIP I have about 60 DJs I follow and I get a lot of crap music but some gems so I keep em all. Anyways, check out both sites and you be the judge.

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