Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trade Schools

Yeah, this is TRUTH! The above is from today's Yahoo headlines. I went to a for-profit computer trade school years ago. Most of the people in my class were twice my age and were only there because they just lost their jobs and figured it was the only way to compete for a better job. My parents made me go so I can get a good job right away.

Now, I'm no brainiac but I was like consistently the highest scoring kid in class, if that says something about the people in the class with me. But 6 months of sped up subjects, honestly no one learned anything.

After graduating with some certificate, I just took whatever computer knowledge I learned and tried to apply it to whatever job I got. I started at the bottom level office jobs and paid off my student loan as fast as I could.

I always hear of people going to trade schools and I wanna tell em it's a scam. At least for me. Thanks to the internet, the research is out there.

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