Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great American Food Fest - June 13

Never got around to writing this from June 13th. Great American Food Fest, Mt. View, California, Shoreline Amphitheatre. This was like a get-together for America's best foodie eat spots. So instead of traveling around the country you can eat em all in one place. I came early with a bunch of people so we all got to share luckily. Plenty of people complained about long lines and sold out food - it happened but I had fun and hope they come back.

1) OMG.. Southside Market Texas Barbeque from Elgin, TX. I never planned on visiting Texas in my lifetime but I may. This little meal was the best. I shoulda got another one but it's not like I had a lot of stomach room at the end of the day at a food fest.

2) Saw Bobby Flay demo. He also judged a Bay Area's Best Burger contest.

3) Aida Mollenkamp from Food Network. I actually sat to watch this lecture on the grass and was sitting right behind other food network personalities chillin on the grass.

4) Remains of my barbeque and Junior's Cheesecake (Outta NYC) about to be eaten (was frozen tho). In the pic, I'm inhaling Graeter's Ice Cream, proclaimed as Oprah's favorite.

Not pictured. I also had Pink's Hot Dogs: Pretty good. Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks: not so good.

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