Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bolani and Piroshky

Took a walk to my local Farmer's Market on Saturday. This is a sampling of my day's bounty. I got some mixed salad greens with edible flowers. I think they are 3 bucks for 1/2 a pound of mix. Without the edible flowers it's cheaper so I got 'em cuz they must be expensive for a reason.

Then I got a spinach bolani. Bolani is a thin crust stuffed flatbread originating from Afghanistan. The guy I got it from was also selling a potato bolani which I will probably get next time. He was a nice guy and offered me a bunch of bolani samples with sauces he was selling. That pic is only a small piece of what you get. When you get the bolani, it is originally the size of 2 big a folded tortillas.

And I got a beef piroshsky. A piroshsky is defined as like a Russian stuffed pastry. Looks more like a big fried donut. The beef was chopped fine, not ground beef like i thought. It was good. I put some greek sour cream on it to add some acid to the friedness. I also got some cheese/artichoke dip and some sun-dried tomato hummus from these vendors. Kinda felt healthy eating from the Farmer's Market. I'll see you there next week.

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  1. i just bought some potato bolani and cheese/mint dip from the farmers market in campbell..the dude lured me in with a bunch of tasty samples too...haha, and stumbled upon your blog while during a search for "how to make your own bolani" because i thought it was delicious! =D