Thursday, March 5, 2009

Odwalla Vanilla Protein Monster

Boring blog day so I gotta run downstairs to the cafeteria and see what I can review. Haha. No, but I was thirsty and got an Odwalla Vanilla Protein Monster. $4 bucks (the price of a small meal at McDonald's) but as I tell the cashier, "I'm worth it!" I previously tried their chocolate one. This Vanilla Protein Monster tastes like the super sweetest soy milk. And the sweet is cane sugary tasting. Didn't taste the vanilla with all that sweetness at first but in it's there. Hopefully I'm getting some health outta it.


  1. Tried it too. Great stuff. Terrible price.

  2. This needs to be available by the gallon for $8-10

    I've been trying to craft my own out of soy milk and extracts