Sunday, March 1, 2009

WonderCon 2009 is for Lovers

Back from WonderCon 2009, Northern California's big comic book/sci-fi/etc convention. Just went on Saturday. Made a top & bottom list of my trip. Not in any order but #7 is up there on the positives. That was incredible!

My WonderCon Top
1) Got to visit San Francisco with great weather
2) Had a Mushroom Spinach Piadini from Starbucks (was cold tho)
3) Saw a lot of old friends and came with old friends
4) Bought a cool art book from artist, Ryan Hungerford
5) Costumed people (see above)
6) Thai food for dinner
7) Preview/interview with Watchmen cast
8) Saw a few celebs i.e. Adam West

My WonderCon Bottom
1) Wanted to buy something good but never found anything
2) Wanted to go back to Scott Morse's table but couldn't find it
3) The convention center was not organized. Took a lot of walking to get anywhere
4) Not enough time to see everything. I missed the Star Trek panel

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