Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visit to Magic Wok for Filipino Food

I had a craving for Filipino Food and went to this place near me that supposedly had it and Chinese Food. I usually am weary of small restaurants with large menus because you cannot trust the quality and freshness. But this place was great with an extensive Filipino and Chinese menu. I got the Pork Chop Silog and an order of 10 lumpia rolls. The Pork Chop Silog is a Pork Chop served with 2 eggs and garlic fried rice. Usually silogs (rice & egg combos) are for breakfast but Magic Wok serves this all day. I also got the lumpia to try it out. Lumpia are like thin, fried, filipino egg roll sticks with meat in them. All was good and too much food for me.


  1. Looks Jummy! Throw some frijoles negros in that Poke and rice and it looks like Puerto Rican Leftovers. I love fried eggs and rice. Keep up the good eating, and as soon as I find a car, I will hook up some posts. No good food round my hood, cept en mi cocina.

  2. Not black beans,gondoles(Pigeon Pees)...My bad.

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