Thursday, January 22, 2009

Asian women looking at my body - Acupuncture School

Luckily I live near a School for Acupuncture so I can get discounted treatment by interns. Well not to go into great detail, but lately I've been collecting medical problems like a nerd collects comics (no offense nerds). I got aches, pains, dry skin, loose teeth, etc. And I've had good results in Acupuncture (if you read my undercover exposé in my old ArtChemist blog). So now I'm gonna chronicle again my exploits in Eastern Medicine. Well mostly because I have nothing else to write about today.

I'll try to be brief and give y'all the gist cuz I can write a book on the subject. Well for the last 2 days or so I've had achy shoulder and chest bones and I really needed a massage so I decided to go to the Acupuncture School. Well they wanted to examine me first. So the intern doctor leads me into the office and asks a lot of questions about me. Eastern Medicine is all about observation. She looks at my tongue, takes my pulse and blood pressure. She feels my Chi energy is low and wants to balance my ying/yang by stimulating my system through needles. The intern consults with the main doc before proceeding. It's kinda funny because here we have 2 Asian women looking at my body, touching and talking about it, for a while too... in Chinese so I can't understand. Well I think it's kinda funny.

I lie on the examination table, then the intern doc does 10 needles in the right arm/hand and 2 in the left hand, 5 in each leg. I don't even take off my clothes, just roll up my sleeves and pant legs. The needle is applied by kinda being flicked into the skin. The tough part though is she needs to stimulate the needles by turning them while they are in me. I haven't had this done to me to this extent before. But man, it feels like she is pushing the needle in and out of me and the pain shoots through my arm, hands and fingers like electricity. It is hard to relax and I wince my face and say "ow" a lot. Plus I have to hold my right arm kinda in the air cuz there are needles all around my hand and arm. The session took a long time. I was there for like 2 hours total. Anyways, I did feel a lil better when I left and exhausted which is common prolly cuz my stress over the needles.

I was prescribed some Angelica Tea Extract pills to improve the circulation of my body. They look exactly like Boba tea balls but are hard like rocks. It was like swallowing big seeds. And I have to take 9 of them twice a day. GULP!

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