Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bihun Ayam Bakso for dinner

I had Bihun Ayam Bakso (Indonesian chicken noodle soup) with fried wontons for dinner last nite. Or maybe this is called Bihun Pangsit, someone correct me. If you've been following my blog, my jaw has been sore for a few days so I thought it safe to only eat soft stuff like noodles and soup. But why the hell did I get fried crunchy wontons added on it? Anyways it was good. This is like my third time trying Indonesian food. I read an article about Indonesian soups and did a search and found a restaurant literally walking distance from my house (Bay Leaf in Sunnyvale). They are a Thai restaurant I guess but have an small Indonesian section of the menu. Indonesian food is supposed to be really hot and spicy but they make the soup normal even though I ask for medium but they usually give a small container of fresh chopped chili seeds. Even touching the container numbs my fingers. The soup broth is rich, pure umami tasting like seaweed and fish possibly. Enjoy the pic - it makes me hungry. Maybe more details later.

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