Friday, January 30, 2009

My Jaw Hurts! Ouch!

Just another problem that brings itself forth every once in a while. Been about 3 days in to it. I have to blog about it cuz it's been on my mind. I mean I can't tell anything is wrong with my jaw, I even forget it's been bothering me, but the second I bite on something with my back teeth - it's YEEEE-OOOOOW!

So instead of taking it easy, I've been approaching my main meals of the day with the thought as these may be my last meals before a permanent liquid diet. So on my first day of my pain, I had WINGSTOP chicken wings. They just opened a shop in my city and I can't resist 'em. I didn't even like chicken wings til I had theirs. But anyways I got the boneless chicken thinking it'd be easier to eat for me. But they fried it good in hella crunchy batter. YEE-OUCHIES! But it didn't matter, the hot fries burnt my tongue so I didn't taste anything. And that was the thing that bugged me more.

Second day of jaw pain - it was getting worse. I had to run an errand to the post office so no time to find a good (soft foody) place to eat so I went to McDonalds. I guessed the food would be pretty soft (I got a Big Mac). Negative! - it was pretty painful. I had to eat slow, basically swallowing chunks and choked my way through the meal. BTW, I saw a homeless dude use the soda refill machine there but homeboy brought his own cup. Haha. Uh, I think that's stealing, dude.

Well today is the third day of my jaw pain. I can tell it was hella worse. I contemplated calling the doc for some steroidals but upon further web research of the many side effects, including liver failure, brain failure, etc - I thought I'd toughen it out a bit longer. So at lunch in the cafeteria, I was gonna get the soup of the day: "clam chowder" and hell, go for it - half turkey sandwich (dippin' in the soup would soften it up, yeah?). Well it was painful but I struggled through. It was hard as hell chewing them clams.... like lil bits of rubber.

Oh well, guess it's milkshake for dinner again.

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