Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jamba Juice now makes Oatmeal!

Jamba Juice
now has Oatmeal, steel cut, that is. Jamba is coming after you Starbucks! I had the Jamba oatmeal for breakfast. Not like your mama's Quaker instant where the oats are hulled, cooked, dried then packaged. But Jamba's slow cooked steel cut oats means pretty much it is the straight up whole grain just cut up and slow cooked. More fiber, all the nutrition and MMMM.... like gourmet. I got the apple topping which was more tart than what I expected but was balanced by the brown sugar. Also available in fresh banana and blueberry/blackberry. I should note that while regular oatmeal is soft and runny, steel cut has a little bite due to its whole graininess - don't let that stop you. I hope to try another flavor soon. Maybe the blueberry. Oh, and it comes with the oatmeal mini-shovel too.

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