Friday, February 27, 2009

Lee the Sobe Lizard on Twitter

The other day on Twitter, I mentioned that I didn't understand that Sobe Football commercial. The next day, Lee the Lizard wants to "Follow" me on Twitter. Meaning, I guess, he's interested in following what I do and being updated with my status.

I mentioned I was eating Trader Joe's oatmeal and Trader Joe's wanted to "Follow" me. Same thing happened when I mentioned "Travel Channel" because I was watching their Anthony Bourdain show and told the world. I guess the corporations are searching out who's talking about them. I thought the Trader Joe follow was cool because I like their store. I don't even remember a notice that the Travel Channel was following me. I just saw their icon on my followers page one day. But the Sobe thing is weird cuz I really wasn't complimentary to them in my comment. Nothing against them but I did think their commercial was just a bunch of random craziness. Not sure what to really think about this corporate search on Twitter. I guess I can't mention anything without some company looking for me. Maybe a year from now, I'll have a ton of corporate logos on my followers page. You heard it here first.

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