Monday, February 2, 2009

Spuma di Cioccolato for dizzzzzert

I drink a boost for breakfast, an ensure for dizzzzzert. Nah, really though - on Saturday night I had Spuma di Cioccolato - that's chocolate mousse with amarene cherries> I got it from Pasta Pomodoro, which is a small, west coast restaurant chain but has very good, traditional Italian quality. Sorry, Olive Garden. The Spuma is kinda like a whipped, thick, rich chocolate custard. And it had dark chocolate chips in it with what seemed like liquor preserved cherries and whipped cream. I thought the portion was small but when the richness hits you, it seems the portion is perfect. I think it only had 2 cherries, but I wish it had a few more. Oh, and a splash more of the liquor flavoring woulda been cool. If the pic above don't look so good, it's cuz I had it packed "to go". But I would definitely get it again.

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