Friday, February 20, 2009

Back from Lake Tahoe

So I got back from Lake Tahoe Tuesday. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, it is on the border of Nevada and California. The trip was pretty uneventful. The misery of the cold and the snow kept us indoors. But the resort we stayed at was cool. Had to be a part of a tortuous Time Share seminar type meeting in exchange for the stay. The saleswoman got straight on the pitch. Talk about making you feel guilty.

The city is small and nice, had great shops and restaurants and Nevada gambling was like 2 blocks away. I think the driving and getting around in the snow is the thing that you need to get used to being in Lake Tahoe. A lot of slippin and slidin and we nearly got stuck in the ice once. So in general, the world of ice and cold may not be for me. Hopefully next trip will have sun and beach.

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