Monday, February 2, 2009

RUN DMC x Marc Ecko

Seriously, I don't mean to rip on the artist dude. It just didn't fit a worthy tribute to RUN DMC for me. I'm on the fence about liking his art in general. I wonder if they will print this comment on the Ecko site. It is awaiting approval.

There are really 3 subtle messages I am bringing with this comment. 1) Ecko really needs to step their game up. They have really been into expanding and acquisitions of other businesses while their fashion game and styles have not progressed and now they are chasing all the smaller companies old trends. A tribute to RUN DMC just seems like a economic move rather than be a real tribute of any sort.

Which brings me to 2) Run and D need to make up. Now I heard in a Joe Budden track that they don't even talk anymore. I tried to look up facts on this but cannot find anything. Truth is I noticed Run and D have not appeared in the Sun City and H.E.A.L videos together since back in the days. Not that that is significant but to my knowledge DMC is never seen or mentioned on the Run's House show. And DMC was the only one on VH1's Hip Hop Honors show honoring RUN DMC. Now isn't that weird, they are never together. So Marc Ecko is tributing a group that ain't even talking to each other (Jay excluded). Whatever is going on, Run and D need to make up.

3) I truly respect RUN DMC as Kings. I am in Hip Hop because of them. There is no doubt. My location is Killah Hills in reference to Wu-Tang to show that I am down with the real and not a common commenter. Well hope people see the message and get what I'm saying. I'm talking to you, RUN, Russell and Marc.

ADDENDUM: Feb 7, 2009. Well, Ecko never approved my above comment to post. The tee is 50% off now ($12.99). And all the sizes are still available even though it is limited edition. When I looked at it again, I noticed there is no RUN DMC logo or wording anywhere on the shirt. Just Hollis Queens, which is like their neighborhood, so I guess Ecko had no licensing agreement to use the RUN DMC name. That's pretty weak. ECKO step your game up!

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