Friday, February 6, 2009

ELECTRIC Acupuncture

What's scarier than Acupuncture needles? How bout Acupuncture needles with ELECTRICITY! Last night's session at the Acupuncture school included attaching electrodes to like 2 of the 40 or so needles I had on my body. Intern dude didn't tell me either. I guess it was better that way so I wouldn't have stressed out beforehand. Because I did plenty of stressing during it. It was mostly worry of electrocution, my heart going out, faulty outdated school equipment or some mishap. Plus Intern dude kept increasing the voltage, wanting me to feel something. I felt like a high school science experiment.

This is how I would describe the sensation.... my foot is on the examining table moving like a vibrating cell phone would do on the coffee table. Weird uncontrollable like tickling in the area of charging. There was no pain, it just was a weird feeling and knowing it was electricity charging through me is a scary thing. And let me tell you, if you think having a young Asian lady (the other intern) causing pain to your half naked body (she was new at inserting needles) is your fantasy fetish, it ain't all that. Yeah, I didn't think I'd make it outta there alive. Thank Goddess I'm alive!

Now I know I am a medical anomaly, the intern student dude working on me is gonna do a presentation/dissertation/term paper, etc to his class about me. See Ma, I knew I'd be famous somehow.

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