Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Observations at McDonald's Part 1

Today I ate at McDonald's though I try to abstain from fast food and eating with poor people - just kidding, but you know what I mean. Well, anyways McDonald's fulfills my criteria of a restaurant being close-by, quick and cheap. And I got a Big Mac cuz it has lettuce and lettuce is sort of a green vegetable. So I felt it could be healthy. I mean that's what I'm thinking as I stare at this huge McDonald's poster in front of me. It has a fit senior citizen jogging like in a park on one side of the poster and shiny, fresh cut apples glistening with dew on the other. What do these things have to do with Mickey Deees? I don't know. I, like everyone else here, came for the burgers, fries and Cokes. And none of the fools I see eating here strike me as athletes (sarcasm). The senior citizen part I can see.

As I eat my meal, the TV monitors are playing CNN news because I guess people want to be depressed while they eat. After a brief segment on some world disaster, it's back to the current talk about Politics. And there is a homeless guy there commenting aloud along with the news reports. He'll say stuff like "Yeah, Bush would'na done that" - loud & like every 30 seconds. Then people would pause from their McNugget grubbing and look up. I didn't even know homeless people could vote. Yeah, there's a bunch a people just hanging around inside McDonald's not necessarily eating. People there are just talking, reading the newspaper, on their laptop, etc. Dang, lunch gone - gotta dust the fry crumbs off my pants and it's back to work for me! See you later McDonald's.

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